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Committee deals setback to stadium bill
Associated Press

ST. PAUL (AP) -- A House committee scuttled a bill for a new Twins stadium Wednesday using a parliamentary maneuver that opponents saw as a clear indication of that the bill lacked support.

The Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs Committee voted 12-6 to end debate on the bill. To get back on course, Rep. Jerry Dempsey, R-Hastings, would have to reconvene his committee and four people would have to change their votes.

And everything would have to be done by a midnight Wednesday deadline or the bill would need special consideration to remain alive.

"I have no idea what this means," said Twins President Jerry Bell, who agreed that it was "probably true" the bill would be dead if it missed deadline.

Rep. Phil Krinkie, R-Shoreview, made the motion to table the bill and saw it as a test vote. But he wasn't ready to declare victory.

"Nothing is ever final in this process until we adjourn," he said.

The only thing apparent was the uphill battle the Twins face in their bid for a $300 million ballpark. While the team and private donors would put up $150 million, the bill seeks a $140 million interest-free loan from the state and a $10 million tax break.