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Guv To Twins: Stay Home In Dome
Officials Hope To Extend Baseball Team's Lease At Metrodome

ST. PAUL, May 06, 1998 -- That took about as long as an Eddie Guardado fastball to reach home plate.

Less than 24 hours after voters in two North Carolina counties rejected a plan to build the Twins a stadium comes word from The Associated Press of talk in St. Paul to extend the team's Metrodome lease.

Some Minnesota officials hope to persuade the Minnesota Twins to stick around for at least another couple years.

Gov. Arne Carlson's chief of staff, Bernie Omman, tells the wire service he'd like to see the Twins agree to stay at least two years.

He says that would give state officials time to come up with a longer term solution.

Rep. Phil Krinkie would like to see at least a five-year lease.

The Shoreview Republican opposes taxpayer subsidies for a new ballpark, writes AP.

Prior to these developments, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, holder of the Minnesota Twins lease -- initiated a lawsuit against the team, arguing that it didn't legitimately meet conditions allowing it to exercise an escape clause.