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Owners Give Pohlad Thumbs Up
Baseball's Ruling Executive Council Gives Go-Ahead For Pohlad To Continue Sale Negotiations

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Posted 6:01 a.m. March 18, 1998 -- Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad has received the go-ahead from baseball's ruling executive council to continue negotiations to sell his team to North Carolina businessman Don Beaver.

Pohlad delivered a brief update at Tuesday's council meeting, but he said he was not yet seeking owners' approval of a sale.

"We're not going to be asking for anything at this meeting," Pohlad said as he arrived at the hotel where the owners' quarterly meeting is being held.

Pohlad wants a new ballpark to replace the Metrodome in Minneapolis, and the Minnesota Legislature failed to approve financing. Beaver would move the franchise to North Carolina after next season if the sale goes through.

"The club cannot survive there without a new stadium," acting commissioner Bud Selig said Tuesday. "I've said that 100 times."

Pohlad and Beaver gave themselves until March 31 to reach a sale agreement, but Selig said he didn't view that deadline as firm.

Selig would not predict when the Twins' fate will be settled, except to say it would be "some time this year."

Baseball owners felt no need to push for a decision before a May 5 referendum in North Carolina on a proposed tax to build a stadium there, Selig said.

"That's up to Mr. Beaver," Selig said. "It's not our responsibility."

Beaver said he still wants to buy the Twins, and he said he believes Pohlad still wants to sell the team to him.

"Both of us are still working to do the proper deal," Beaver said.

Said Pohlad: "Negotiations are ongoing."