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Concerns About a new Twins Park

I have heard several reasons why people should not support a new stadium so I thought I'd take some time to answer some questions and concerns about a new park for the Twins.

  1. A new stadium will not make the Twins more competitive.
  2. The new park will enable the Twins to have a payroll of an estimated $50 million which is right on par with the payrolls of  current playoff teams.
  3. Public stadium financing simply represents a huge public giveaway that greatly enhances the value of the team playing in the new facility.
  4. Well that is true, if you take a narrow point of view. When you look at the big picture you see what Minnesota gets; a beautiful new park that will become a center of activity for entertainment, restaurants, and public parks which all lead to a wonderful family atmosphere.
  5. In the long run, "retro" parks are not good for fans.
  6. This one is my favorite. In Seattle's Safeco Field I sat in nine rows back in the upper deck in right field and I still had a great seat and view of the game. These new stadiums offer an excellent view of the game and and excellent baseball experience for the entire family. Many people think a new park will mean huge price increases in tickets. (The Twins already have the cheapest tickets in Baseball) I recently bought excellent seats at Safeco Field, right behind home plate, and the difference between those tickets and ones for the Kingdome was a whopping two dollars! Hmmm, I guess all of those stadium opponents will have you believe that the fans in Cleveland, which has sold out 373 games in a row, Baltimore, Colorado, and Seattle are there for the hot dogs.